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What is this marketingautomation thing?

We are very delighted to be able to introduce you to the future of modern marketing. And yes, the future will be automated – well, the present should be too.

Automation not only saves you a bunch of time, it will improve your customer relaitionship dramatically from day one, as everything is automatically personalized on your customers needs.

It´s like a self driving car. You tell it where to go and it drives you there, while you sit back and relax.

Scott Bekker

While selfdriving cars are still a thing of the future (hurry up Elon), marketingautomation is clearly not and it would be foolish to ignore it.

CloudSurf intends to enable smaller businesses to take advantage of this tool too and is desperate to (re-)connect retailers and their brands, to bundle and improve their communicatin.

Retailers often have a huge list of leads, but are not able to use them, as they don´ t know how or it just takes to much time.

Their brands often do have a good marketing strategy, bur don´t have any access to user their retailers leads within it.

So we ask ourselves: why don´t we improve this communicating, automate it and connect the brands marketing to the reateilers own marketing. And well, here comes CloudSurf.

But hold on a little, what does CloudSurf include?

  • automation of your e-mail campaigns
  • automation of your social media campaigns
  • automation of your SMS campaigns
  • customer journeys
  • automated drip campaigns
  • use all your leads automatically

Not convinced yet? All right then, we trying to improve this article. In the mean time, take a further look at CloudSurf here.

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