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The New Magazine, former Neuer Wall Magazine, is a pretty cool magazine. Why? Well it´s digital and some of the most luxurious brands on this planet are in there with their products and stories. The New Magazine is powered by the Neuer Wall and the Stadthöfe, the most exclusive shopping areas in Hamburg – Germany´ s most beautiful city by the way.

So, take a look on how to publish in 2021.

Parmigiani Fleurier just set a new industry standard with their new fully digital catalog for 2021. And guess who helped them present their unique masterpieces in a modern way?
Yup, we had the honour.

Most people care first and foremost about themselves and there is no shame in it. But there are people and organizations who superficially care about others and espaically those in need.
One of those organizations is Hamburg Leuchtfeuer. We created a digital version of their mut.macher magazine 100% pro bono, to spread their wonderful message even further in the digital world.

Campbell is the oldest eyewar manufacturer in the world. But anybody who said you can´t transfer 200 years of heritage in the digital era should wait until we finished the process.
You´ ll see, it´ s indeed possible, ´cause that´s what we do.

The watch and jewelry industry is a little old school, right?
Yeah, that might be true for now, but we are set to change that. So get raedy for The Diamond – the first fully digital magazine of the industry. It´ll launch in march!

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